What is watch processing, watch labeling

- May 08, 2019-

What is watch processing?

Watch processing refers to the OEM watch products, that is, the so-called commissioned production, specifically that some watch brands do not directly produce products, but only master the core technology or design their own watches for professional watch processing plants to produce. As the saying goes, the meaning of your watch I came to produce. For example, many well-known brands such as Casio, Disney, DW, etc. are looking for a watch processing factory for OEM production.

What is a watch label?

In the watch industry, watch labeling refers to the modification of the original style of the watch manufacturer or the brand of the merchant, meaning that the design and production are completed by the watch OEM, as long as the merchant provides the brand logo and logo to produce Representing the brand of the business.

Watch custom processing

Watch processing is actually very similar to watch customization.

They are produced on demand, and there is no difference in the production process of surface, needle, handle, buckle, etc., but the type of customer for watch processing is not the same as that of watch customization. Based on the fact that there is a licensed brand on hand, the commissioned manufacturer will carry out the OEM according to the existing model and the selected model. This is an explanation for the watch processing service.

So what is the difference between the watch of the foundry and the watch of the counter? The table of the counter is not only a few times to ten times the price, but it cannot be denied that it has been strictly screened, for example, there is no dust on the surface (because there is The dust has been taken back and renovated. So I invested a lot of manpower and material resources to make the table of the counter feel perfect. The table of the foundry factory is limited because of the limited materials. No one in the assembly dust can help you to check it carefully, but the quality is the same as that of the counter. In addition, there is no invoice, but the price is heart-warming.