What is the quartz watches?

- Nov 21, 2017-

Quartz watch can also be called "crystal vibrating electronic watch", because it is the use of crystal film "vibration phenomenon." When the crystal is subjected to an external force, it will deform and expand. On the other hand, if the crystal is compressed, it will generate electricity at both ends of the crystal. Such a property can also be seen on many crystals called "piezoelectric effect". Quartz watch is the use of periodic sustained vibration 'crystal', bring us accurate time.

In fact, the quartz watch is replaced by a quartz vibrator balance wheel in the mechanical watch, using its correct high-speed swing to time the watch. Quartz watch can be divided into pointer and digital, pointer quartz watch quartz vibrator is the right swing for the power of the week, and then further through the motor to drive a series of gears, and then driven, minutes, seconds, for Accurate time display. Digital quartz watch is the quartz pulse through the electronic circuit, directly on the LCD display to the digital display time, that is, digital quartz watch is completely no mechanical transmission of electronic quartz watch.