What is the price of customized watches and what are the influencing factors?

- Mar 27, 2019-

The era of individualization makes people's demand growing. Customization industry, as a popular new industry in all walks of life, makes customization a fashion and popular trend. At present, gift watches and watch customization are very popular with people as souvenirs. It is more valuable to commemorate an unforgettable moment with a watch. Then the price of watch customization and the time needed for watch customization are also the concerns of everyone. The manufacturers of watch customization give you a basic reference on these two points.

First of all, how does the price of the watch customization decide? Customized watches are priced according to customers'needs. According to the watches customized according to the machine core, we are divided into smart watches, mechanical watches, quartz watches and electronic watches. Watch customization is divided into stainless steel watches, alloy watches, tungsten steel watches, ceramic watches, plastic watches, silicone watches and so on.

In addition to these functions and materials, watch customization is the focus of price differentiation, there are also technological aspects that determine the price level. Customers of watch customization manufacturers customize watches according to customers'drawings and samples. Designing a watch style is provided free of charge by the watchmaker, but it is also an important factor in people's absolute price that no proofing is needed according to the design drawing.