What is the power storage inside the watch

- Oct 18, 2017-

It is a watches, which can display a clockwork clock energy status of a function, ranging from tens of hours to hundreds of hours, power storage is also called the energy display, intuitively, that is, on the dial is usually a display of power storage Window, also called the energy display window, for the mechanical watch, show how long before the need to run before the quartz watch, then the battery power level. To provide mechanical power to the clock, if not timely winding, it is possible to go not allowed, or even stop. The earliest power storage occurred on centuries ago on the sailing bell, when the ships sailing at sea were dependent on the precise maritime clocks to measure the longitude and ensure sailing safety.

Power reserve is undoubtedly the same as the tourbillon, has become a tabulation technician to show its outstanding technology one of the signs. Watch industry to assess the advantages and disadvantages of power storage standards are two: one is a long power, that is, to maintain the watch when the power of the longer storage time the better. The second is the more uniform the faster the energy loss. If a watch fades its energy more and more quickly, it will not go. Therefore, the longer the energy of the watch reserve, the more uniform the attenuation, the tabulation of the technical requirements are higher, the more difficult to do it.