What is the meaning of Automatic on the watch

- Jan 25, 2018-

What is the meaning of Automatic on the watch?


The word "Automatic" means automatic, in the case of watches, an automatic mechanical watch. Automatic mechanical watch is an ordinary mechanical watch improved upgrade watch movement added a swing Tuo. When we wear automatic mechanical watch, swinging Tuo will swing due to arm rotation. In the process of rotation can be achieved for winding the effect of the clock, enabling automatic winding function.

Automatic mechanical watch function is very powerful, they not only accurate time, beautiful appearance, versatility, and most of them have adopted the latest scientific and technological achievements.


     Automatic mechanical watch instructions

1, the watch is always there is no difference every minute does not exist, in general, mechanical watches, automatic mechanical watches as long as the case of full strings, walking time is not more than 30 seconds per day, almost no faster than 30 seconds basically meet standard.

2, automatic mechanical watches need the appropriate amount of activity in order to keep it on the article, to ensure normal operation.

3, mechanical watches 3-5 years to clean the sludge, there are several factors to determine the following: 1, watch the sealing problem 2, watch the degree of wear (wear degree) 3, quartz watch can extend the wash cycle

4, male or pocket watch can be thin or female watch wash cycle long.