What is the maintenance knowledge of mechanical watches

- Mar 19, 2019-

What is a mechanical watch? The inner parts of the watch are all made up of mechanical parts. It is a pendulum and yarn watches powered by hairspring. Usually mechanical watches are divided into two categories, one is for ordinary mechanical watches (manual winding mechanical watches) and fully automatic mechanical watches and semi-automatic mechanical watches. No matter what kind of mechanical watch, daily maintenance is very important. Good maintenance is helpful to the trial life of watches.

Maintenance knowledge of mechanical watches

1. Use softer cloth or silk to gently wipe away dirt and sweat stains from the case.

2. Manual upper chord mechanical watch winding should have a fixed time, the best time on foot. The speed of the winding and turning table should be appropriate, not too tight. It's too tight. The winding is easy to stick to the oil in the winding box. When the clockwork is relaxed, it is easy to break because of excessive elasticity.

3. Watch most avoid violent earthquake. When playing ball or hitting something with hand, it's better to take it off.

4. Watches are also afraid of water immersion. Therefore, when doing laundry, hand washing or other work in contact with water, it is best to take the watch off. If there is mist or water point in the watch glass, it should be repaired in time, wipe off the mist and water point, and dry the machine center. But if there is only some fog, it will disappear when the weather is dry.

5. Please do not close the watch to the magnetic objects such as radio and TV sets, so as not to affect the accuracy.

6. Don't let your watch approach solvents, mercury, cosmetic sprays, cleaners, adhesives or paints, camphor, or the case and strap will be discolored, deteriorated or damaged. Camphor is a volatile substance, which easily solidifies oil and loses lubrication, thus impairing the accuracy of clocks and watches.

7. Don't let the watch suddenly cool and heat. Temperature change will increase the travel time error of the watch. The inner winding of the mechanical watch is easy to break because of the rapid change of temperature. Rubber ring will accelerate aging, so the waterproof performance of the watch will also be affected.

8. Don't open the cover of the watch at will, lest dust fall into it; don't dial it indiscriminately, if it's broken, send it to the watch shop for repair in time.

9. When mechanical watches are not in use, it is better to wind up once a month to prevent oil solidification in the watches.

10. Waterproof, shock-proof and magnetic-proof watches can only play a preventive role. In use, it is still necessary to avoid contact with water and magnetic field and strong vibration, so as to avoid damaging the machine core and affecting its service life.

11. The hardness of the watch glass is not high. It should avoid rubbing against sharp and sharp substances and being corroded by high pressure, high heat and chemical reagents to avoid brushing or damage. If there are slight marks, toothpaste can be coated on the flannel cloth, and rubbed back and forth on the surface glass to clean the marks. Don't rub it with alcohol to prevent the surface glass from breaking chemically with alcohol. Hard metal and sapphire glass mirror can resist abrasion and scratch, but it is not suitable for improper operation such as knocking, heavy pressure, heavy fall, etc.

12. Reminds you in particular that any watch should not be worn in warm water or bathroom, even if your watch is a waterproof watch, because the sealed roll of the watch is rubber, easy to aging under temperature, and the surrounding water vapor molecules are relatively small, easy to penetrate the case, causing internal mechanical damage.

13. If fog or condensate droplets are found on the glass of a watch, pull the watch handle out, put the glass face down for a day, and then push the watch handle forward to its original position, then the problem can be discharged. (This problem does not mean that the waterproof performance of the watch is poor, it may be that the watch is unconsciously taken out of its original position in the course of use.)

14. To keep watches for a long time, they should be stored after cleaning and refueling. They should also be stripped 1-2 times a month to keep the watches in good operation.