What is the effect of the tightness of the watch?

- Sep 21, 2017-

Frankly speaking, you will feel a little tight with new watches, while old watches (especially mechanical watches) are often more loose.

The dial inside the needle and needle mechanism, mainly there is a gear, usually the wheel or is called "small center" round, depending on whether the watch movement is the center of the drive or the center of the drive. This gear will be set on the center wheel axle, the center wheel shaft will have a tip of the tilt angle, and the small center of the wheel on the corresponding position on both sides of a groove, that is, between them work by elastic win cooperative. Partial center of the movement of the watch movement, is the wheel on the wheel and the reel shaft gear with the flexibility.

This place with the tightness, determines the loose when the needle feeling, in this position the most prone to wear and tear. Especially mechanical watches, need regular dial, or proofreading calendar, the result of frequent dialing will increase the wheel wear.

If the dial look very loose, then it is likely that the watch "without a needle" failure. The so-called watch "without a needle" refers to the watch second hand to go, and when the minute hand does not go or do not go when walking, that is, "lost" the. Especially with the calendar and the calendar of the watch, in the day to jump when the movement of the "load" will gradually become larger, if the needle loose, then more likely to "lost" problem, the performance of the watch When walking slowly or simply, the minute hand does not move.