What is the difference between solar watches and traditional watches?

- Apr 23, 2019-

Watches have become ornaments nowadays. Fashionists talk about the choice of watches: whether domestic watches or imported watches, they are not expensive, but the most important thing is to suit themselves.

Nowadays, watches have become the favorite ornaments and collections of fashion and business people. In fact, for the ordinary people who like watches, it is not far from reach, just like fruit fans like electronic products, people like to buy a single-sided camera, with their own efforts, the public can also buy some watches that are not very expensive.

Quartz watches and mechanical watches have their own advantages and disadvantages, which are still unclear. They also have their own worlds and loyalty in the market. There are many perspectives on timekeeping. It is difficult to judge the quality of a timekeeping tool from a single perspective, such as pragmatism or cultural values. Only the wearer, the owner of the market, said it.

Mechanical watches need to be winded every day, otherwise watches are prone to stop and go. Solar watches are equipped with solar power drive system, which is a kind of convenience brought by science and technology. Not only sunlight, but also weak indoor solar lamp source can be converted into electric energy, and stored in large-capacity batteries. Full of primary electricity can ensure the normal operation of other functions of watches. It's been months, so there's hardly any need to worry about the wristwatch stopping.

The solar watches are also called solar watches. They can move as long as the surface is exposed to light, and they can persist in places where there is no light for a period of time. In the new century, the voice of environmental pollution control of waste batteries is growing. More and more watchmaking enterprises abandon the traditional disposable batteries in quartz watches and adopt the mode of man-made electric energy and photoelectric electric energy as driving force to alleviate the pressure of environmental protection and improve their image. Light watches use inexhaustible light as energy, convert light energy into electricity, store it in rechargeable batteries, and then release it to the machine core at a uniform speed. The energy meter structure not only avoids the trouble and inconvenience of changing batteries, but also reduces the pollution of abandoned batteries. After receiving light (any light source) to irradiate the full battery, the light meter can continue to run for more than 180 days in a completely dark environment. The light in everyday life is everywhere, so there is no need to worry about the power of the watch.

Using light energy, the light meter can avoid the trouble of changing batteries regularly. It is more environmentally friendly and has an average life of more than 10 years. Therefore, it is the first choice for young people. Light meters are becoming more and more fashionable, functional, practical and beautiful, of course, the favorite of the working people.

The advantage of photodynamic watches is that they can run accurately without changing batteries for a long time, because there are batteries in the watches, so long as any light can be used to recharge the watches, the batteries can be replaced when they are broken. The disadvantage is that it can be used forever, because watches are made up of integrated circuit boards and other components, which will age over time.