What is the difference between a quartz watch and a wristwatch?

- Jun 16, 2018-

One:Steps and methods

  1. A quartz watch is powered by a battery. It is called quartz watch because there is a key device in it: quartz crystal oscillator, which produces the time reference and the table is not allowed to go.There is quartz crystal oscillator in the electronic watch, but because of its electronic integrated circuit, it is called electronic watch, usually liquid crystal display time.The electronic watch circuit consists of a quartz crystal oscillator, a control circuit, a frequency division and a decoding circuit.In addition to the quartz crystal oscillator, all other parts of the electronic circuit are completed by a CMOS series digital integrated circuit. This IC has a small volume. When the power supply is connected to the battery, it will be able to cooperate with the quartz crystal oscillator and output a very accurate pulsating current signal.

  2. The pointer is driven by mechanical energy. Mechanical meter is a coil spring as a energy storage device, pure mechanical energy to drive the pointer, there are no more than two ways: pendulum type, by hand movement to generate kinetic energy, the pendulum to collect kinetic energy, spring storage kinetic energy.The other is the upper chord, which requires manual operation to store mechanical energy. The movement of mechanical watches is mainly composed of the original motion system, transmission system, escapement speed regulation system, needle system and upper bar pin system. The following is a block diagram showing the structure and relationship of mechanical watches.The following is a block diagram showing the structure and relationship of mechanical watches. The simple working process of the watch is that the original motion system gives out the energy through the bar, and through the gear of the transmission system to promote the work of the escapement speed regulation system. As the swinging silk is oscillating in a certain period of vibration, it is in turn controlling the speed of the transmission gear. The moving pointer is rotated. As the speed of the transmission system is controlled by the cycle of the swing of the swing wheel, the pointer can also be rotated according to a certain rule, and the time is indicated on the dial.