What is the design of wrist watch machine core

- Apr 28, 2018-

What is the design of wrist watch machine core?

There are several important factors in the design of wrist watch.

Try to be strong and powerful. Make sure the core is strong enough to withstand various shocks in daily use. And it can take as long as possible after winding up (through a hat-box or multiple clockwork boxes).

Beautiful and polished. The design of the machine core board should be full of curves and beauty. The details are polished by hand, so that there is no defect under the microscope.

All of these are taken into consideration, which is basically a good machine core.

The thin. Thin is the base of the design of the wrist watch machine core, only the machine core is relatively thin, the overall ability of the table can be relatively thin and produce aesthetic feeling. And make room for the shell molding and case decoration (including the installation of gem inlays or decorative accessories). One of the design masters of the watch said: the core problem of wristwatch design is a space problem. There are as many factors as possible in a square inch, and the test of every designer is to abandon all unnecessary factors. To patek philippe Cal. 240 pearl tuo automatic machine core calendar table, for example, many people found only after using this kind of watch is not seconds, according to is because Cal. 240 movement because of special arrangement of gear train, small second hand very partial output position. The direct display will destroy the overall aesthetic feeling of the dial. If the second hand is added, the watch will become more and more heavy. Finally, patek philippe will give up the small second hand to ensure the overall aesthetic value of the table.