What is the better material for a quartz glass?

- Jun 09, 2018-

1.What material of quartz watch glass.

The material of the glass is mainly sapphire and glass. The sapphire crystal is more expensive. It is generally the material selected for the expensive watch. The sapphire crystal glass is very common and is also a tendency direction in the future, and the glass price is relatively cheap. It's usually used on cheap watches. In fact, expensive is good, cheap is also an advantage.

2.The characteristics of quartz table sapphire glass.

The sapphire glass is widely used. The sapphire glass is mainly in line with the needs of modern society. The sapphire glass has a strong wear resistance and is not easy to scratch on a daily basis. Therefore, after wearing longer time, the sapphire glass will be relatively more beautiful than the glass. It 'll be more transparent.

3.The features of quartz watch glass.

Although the watch glass is relatively cheap, the watch glass is also an advantage. The hardness of the watch glass is stronger than that of the sapphire. The collision resistance is strong, the daily use is not easy to break, and the durability is relatively high. It is only easy to scratch. Beauty can not stand the test of time.