What is the advantage of using mechanical wire for silicon

- Oct 10, 2017-

Silicon is the most common element in nature after oxygen, equivalent to 28% of the crustal composition, which belongs to the crystal that is non-metallic, the density is equivalent to steel 1/3, with high hardness, anti-magnetic and high resistance Corrosion characteristics, so more than steel and other metal materials more light and strong. In fact, this material has long been widely used in the computer chip, but with silicon components to create watch components is not so easy, the main difficulty is to determine the heat coefficient, so that the movement in any case can maintain a stable rate。

 However, the benefits are obvious, with silicon to create escapement fork, escapement wheel and gossamer, to ensure that they do not need lubrication in the case of smooth operation. From the gossamer alone, silicon can produce a special shape of the hairspring, while reducing the weight, thereby improving the watch's isochronous error. The movement of the balance wheel is a kind of harmonious movement, and the role of the hairspring is to maintain the balance wheel in the inertia moment and swing cycle, and with the balance wheel vibration system to obtain a certain vibration cycle, in order to achieve the purpose of accurate timing.

 In the clock technology for the basic requirements of the hairspring are: 1. Has a stable elastic characteristics; 2 less Taixing hysteresis; 3. Small temperature coefficient (thermal elastic coefficient); 4. Good anti-magnetic properties and resistance Corrosion performance; 5. pitch equal; 6. gossamer center should be consistent with the geometric center. Early iron-based alloy gossamer because of technology and production technology constraints, mostly to iron or other alloy to create, in addition to easy to corrosion and affected by the magnetic precision, the lower elasticity coefficient also increased the power consumption of the clockwork , So the early watch its energy storage time is difficult to more than 40 hours or more. In 1933, nickel, chromium, iron smelting special alloy made of hairspring birth, it has a good anti-magnetic (but not anti-magnetic), but also has excellent resistance to temperature difference, even in a very large temperature environment, The mechanical clocks that use this gossamer are less sensitive to temperature. After the 21st century, Patek Philippe, Rolex, Athens and several other big brands and Swatch Group has begun to develop a new generation of gossamer, and are invariably silicon-based materials, such as Athens, silicon wire is through the etching technology, The whole piece of silicon raw materials in one way forming, etching into the shape of hairspring; Patek Philippe silicon hairspring and gossamer brain are formed, launched in 2006 spriomax gossamer, and the design of an innovative end "curve" Obviously thickening the outer end of the balance wheel, driving the balance of the hairspring concentric movement, in the whole vibration plane on the regular balance toward the same center expansion, contraction. Although the major manufacturers of the production process and processing of the silicon hairspring shape is not the same, but it has the anti-magnetic, seismic, corrosion resistance, perfect shape and has excellent resistance to temperature difference, to meet the watch technology on the hairspring all The basic requirements, and the effect has also been confirmed.