What is stainless steel gold watches

- Oct 17, 2017-

Gold watch is a high imitation watch silver and gold with the watch, that is, we often say "Jin Gang", "fine gold" section, in the production of watches with gold and gold or rose gold combination of style (Also with gold plating). Common in the use of the strap, but also the brand in the dial, case and other aspects of the use of gold between the process.

The gold table with a steel and harder, such as 18K gold or rose gold with the following material, which in the material hardness to better meet the pressure to wear the effect of wear, so that the overall color of the watch has a rich Layering. The reason for the significant increase in sales is, of course, its special price, the gold table is more noble than the steel watch, and not as high as the price of gold and rose gold or platinum models, so all this has achieved both Beautiful and cost-effective gold watch.

if the use of gold or rose gold material is such a watch is not fade, even if the use of gold-plated technology between the gold watch, because the current high gold-plated technology is not the phenomenon of leg color, but there may be With the time to wear will be diluted.