What is mechanical watch ?

- Sep 21, 2018-

Mechanical movements are just that – no battery, no electronics, just mechanical parts. It uses a spring to push a series of gears that are regulated by a balance wheel that spins back and forth at high speed (up to 36 000 beats per hour).

Almost all high-end watches are mechanical and require a great deal of precision to be manufactured and assembled. The Swiss are the best-known and most highly regarded producers of mechanical watches but there are producers in Japan like Citizen and Seiko that are second to none.

Mechanical watches can be hand wound or self-winding (automatic), by the nature of its components a mechanical watch movement will not be as accurate as a quartz watch movement.

Depending on the grade of the mechanical movement you can reasonably expect that a mechanical watch will run +/- 5-20 seconds per day. Colder and warmer temperatures that may be experienced during shipping may affect the timekeeping temporarily upon arrival.

To avoid damaging the mechanism you should not overwind or force your watch, just wind it enough to get the watch started if it is an automatic type, or if it is manual watch wind it until you feel it stop and never force the watch past this point to avoid damaging the mainspring or stem, both of which may be costly to repair and will void your warranty.

A mechanical watch will require periodic service to maintain its optimum condition; a service includes a complete cleaning and oiling, and should be performed at intervals of every 24 to 36 months or sooner if the watch will encounter dusty or damp environments regularly. Please be sure to use the services of a qualified watchmaker or technician experienced with the care and repair of mechanical watches or request a watch service from us.

Unlike a quartz/battery-operated watch, a severe jolt or dropping of the watch may cause damage to the fine mechanism inside so please take extra care when handling your mechanical watch

By following these simple steps, you will be able to enjoy you mechanical watch for many years.


ETA 2824-2 Movement