What is hunter pocket watch?

- Mar 01, 2018-

What is "hunter pocket watch"?

The name sounds weird, but it's not hard to understand, as the name implies, hunter pocket watches are hunting watches used by hunters. However, the story behind it is not so simple. When we first pop pocket watch, the wearers are basically non-rich or expensive, because the pocket watch's own material, workmanship, decoration and so determines its luxury properties, so most people can not afford In other words, no matter what civilization, hunters and peasants are basically the same, as the representative of the bottom of society can not afford the luxury of pocket watch at the time Items Therefore, "hunter" here is just a hunting hobby representing the wealthy class, so it is easy to understand. Some rich people's hobbies are like the original ecology, today a lot of mountaineering, off-road, diving and more natural, more primitive activities are mostly rich people are playing. The reason why hunters pocket watches is an important reason is that, unlike the ordinary pocket watch without the above cover, it has a table cover to protect the lid, because hunting strenuous exercise is very easy to damage the mirror, so just Play a protective role.