What is a waterproof watch? What should waterproof watches pay attention to?

- Apr 17, 2019-

Although waterproof watches are the functional elements that people will pay special attention to when they buy watches, many people are concerned about what the waterproof function is, can watches with waterproof function be "freely" in their daily wear? As for these watches, it is necessary for watch factories to focus on one point: waterproof watches should also try to avoid getting wet in their daily wear!

Waterproof watches are marked with waterproof marks on the bottom. If there is no waterproof mark, it can only be dust-proof and should avoid water contamination. Waterproof watch relies on the back cover of the mirror to reach the waterproof effect, but the waterproof ring assumes that long-term immersion in water will slightly aging and metamorphosis, so although your watch has waterproof function, Al Watch Factory still advises you not to wear it in swimming water, bath and wash your face, maintain it well, even if it is inadvertently immersed in water, it should also be as soon as possible. Blow it dry when necessary.