What happened to the Cartier quartz watch?

- Apr 13, 2019-

Cartier is a watch brand from France. Its watches are made in Switzerland and belong to high-end brands. There are many friends who like to match Cartier watches. Watch water intake is a common problem in use. So what happened to the Cartier quartz meter when it entered the water? Here's the watch home to tell you!

(1) Water droplets condense in the glass of Cartier watch.

(2) A large number of water droplets can be seen on the glass and dial of Cartier watch.

(3) Fog in the glass of Cartier watches may not occur at times, especially when the temperature difference is large.

According to the above situation, if Cartier watches accidentally enter the water, the following methods can be used:

Method 1: Put the granular silica gel into an airtight container with the watches that have accumulated water. After a few hours, take out the famous watches, and the accumulated water will disappear completely. This method does not damage the running time and parts of the watch.

Method 2: Lamp baking: wrap the water-filled Cartier watch in a paper towel and place it about 15 centimeters near a 40-watt light bulb. Bake it for about 30 minutes. The water vapor in the Cartier watch is water vapor. Never bake with fire.

Method 3: The Cartier watch was put on the wrist with the inner surface and the bottom shell facing outward, and the moisture could be eliminated in two hours. If the water intake is serious, it is better to send the watchshop oil immediately to remove the moisture of the machine core, in order to avoid parts rusting.