What function do you value most in custom watches?

- Apr 18, 2019-

As people continue to demand differentiated watches, more and more people pursue customization of watches, hoping to have a unique watch. Watch manufacturers, in order to meet the majority of the people, have launched customized watches, which functions of your favorite watches, what characteristics do they have?

First of all, the characteristics of the wrist watch: 1. Appearance, the appearance of the wrist watch is not important to you. Do you like the cool appearance or the steady business model? 2. Brand. Do you buy watches by brand? 3. Precision. Do you pay special attention to the accuracy of watches when you buy watches? 4. Durability. Will you buy a watch according to its durability? Type of wrist watch: 1. Formal watch. 2. Diving table. 3. Fashion watch. Function class: 1. Timing. 2. Moon phase. 3. Dual time zone.