What brand is the white collar watch

- Apr 25, 2018-

What brand is the white - collar watch?

The watch is not only a simple timing tool, but also a kind of jewelry that can reflect the identity and taste. As a white-collar worker, there is no such thing as a decent watch. But some white-collar workers do not know what to buy because their income is limited. Here is the noble technology to tell you the white-collar watch what brand is good!

The white-collar buys a watch, in fact only should pay attention to the following three points!

1. My favorite style.

Watch mainly wear at work, but too formal will give people the impression that the square old, now many watch joined the movement when the design elements, and not entirely sports watches, such design lets a person feel energetic.

2. Material selection of watch.

Watch can make you appear more mature, but don't be too mature, leather strap is suitable for the professional person above 30 years old, the leather watch belt in summer does not absorb sweat, airtight, have a lot of trouble. Is now the popular trend of metal bracelet, rose gold for Asian skin tone, gold between the heat of the popular for many years now is undimmed, and rubber strap also stood in popular, you can choose according to their own acceptance.

3. Whether the budget is reasonable.

A poor first paycheck, buy a swatch or casio treat yourself? Not to say that the two bad, they are very tide, but is not suitable for formal occasions to wear, unless you are a master of mashup, you can be in dating party with all have no problem, but don't at work.