What aspects of customization can watch be made by private customization

- Apr 17, 2019-

At present, the private customization of watches has begun to become like a fish in water in the gift year, but many people who give watches private customization gifts do not know what aspects of the customization of watches private customization can be carried out, just engraved on the top of a few words, in fact, the real private customization of watches is far from limited to these. Today, watch manufacturer, Al, will share it with you.

One of the real personal customization of watches is that they can customize styles. For many people, it must be known that everyone is different. Therefore, if you want to give her a totally different watch, you can report her personality to the designer, the designer will produce a personal customized manuscript of watches, and if it meets the needs of customers, you will put it into production again.

Finally, some fonts, some logos are drawn. These things can be drawn not only on the back of the watch, but also on the top of the shell, or on the top of the watch band. Only after knowing these, can we really make a personal customized watch and give it to the person you think most cares about, the most unique person in the world. How much is the order? There are two decisive factors.

The first factor is the design factor. Sometimes some customers need to design from style to content. This kind of price will naturally be higher. Others just add a word to their watches. This price is naturally relatively low.

The second factor is the factor of material quality. Everyone knows that it is not totally unreasonable to pay one price for one purchase. In fact, if there are some good materials, the price he needs will be relatively high, and if there are price constraints, he can also choose some materials with high cost performance ratio and so on.