What aspects do you need to look at when choosing a wristwatch?

- Apr 15, 2019-

Inspection appearance

Appearance can be checked from the case, glass, dial, needle, etc.


The sensitivity of a watch refers to the time when the pendulum in the watch "starts" on its own. One way to check is to shake a watch that has not been clothed to stop moving, and observe the movement of the second hand with the help of the power of shaking; if the second hand stops moving in a very short time, it means that the watch can be completely loosened after the foot clocks, and the sensitivity is relatively high; if the second hand continues to move for a long time, it means that the watch can not be clocked after the foot clocks. All loose, low sensitivity, or internal parts are faulty.


Normal watches, when turning the winding on the shank axis, first feel relatively loose, gradually tighter and tighter, when can not continue to move forward, indicating that the winding has been completely tightened.

Watch needle

Between the watch needle and the glass, between the three watch needles, between the watch needle and the dial, there should be a certain gap. If they touch each other, they will affect walking.


This is to check whether the parts of the needle moving part are installed properly.

Walking voice

Listening to the abnormal sound of the watch when it moves, we can only judge whether there is any special defect in the watch, and we can't judge whether the watch is good or bad.