What are the ways to soften the watch strap

- Mar 23, 2019-

What are the ways to soften the watch strap? The main methods are the following four, detailed analysis and introduction by watch manufacturer Yakang clocks and watches for you.

1. First put the watch strap in a small bag, seal it, then put a small bag on the outside, and seal it again, in order to prevent water and gas from entering.

2. Pour some hot water in a container, not too hot, and then soak the watch strap in. (Note that the bag must be sealed and not leak). Ten minutes.

3. Take a cardboard cartridge inside a roll of paper and cut a small section with a knife.

4. Remove the strap, which is already soft due to heat. Roll the strap up and put it in a carton. Put a bag on it, seal it, put another bag on it, seal it, soak it in hot water for a while, and then take it out for a few days (don't take the strap out of the carton). After a few days, your strap will naturally bend and be comfortable to wear on your hand.

Note: Do not omit the first two steps to roll up and stuff the carton directly, which will damage the cortex. If it is troublesome, it can also be heated by an electric blanket with better effect.