What are the special requirements for men's watch customization?

- Apr 22, 2019-

Men look at their watches and women look at their bags. It is generally accepted that the same is true in today's society. A man of good taste usually wears a watch that suits him. This requires that when choosing men's watches for customization, we must choose the right one, especially from the two aspects of product performance indicators and types.

The customization of men's watches needs to be measured in terms of performance, such as waterproof performance. If the hand washing process, accidentally glued to the water, the watch will have problems, then even the basic waterproof requirements can not be achieved, let alone other higher quality requirements. Then how many functions are there, some can display the calendar, some have stopwatch and other functions, depending on the needs of men, men's watches are mechanical, or need manual chord, or automatic chain? Usually from the convenience point of view, the automatic winding is simpler, as long as the daily exercise can be used to recharge the watch.

There are three main types of men's watches for customization: mechanical watches, quartz watches and electronic watches. The first one is the earliest one and the longest one. Because of the mature technology, the error between 5 seconds and 15 seconds is too long to be corrected. Then there is the quartz watch, which is not very thick, and it goes very punctually. But this type of watch also needs to change batteries, the use of the core can be up to 10 years. It's an electronic watch, fashionable and atmospheric, but it's more frequent to change batteries.