What are the nursing skills of customized watches

- Mar 16, 2019-

        When deciding to sell watches, the condition of watches plays a very important role. The better the shape of watches, the more likely it is to find potential buyers and get a good price. This requires simple care of watches at ordinary times. What nursing skills do custom watches have?

         Simple large dial read more clearly and steadily when mass customization

          To protect watches from vibration, it is also necessary to prevent them from falling to the ground. But in fact, this happens more frequently than expected. Falling and vibration bumps can damage custom watches, which requires expensive maintenance costs. Similarly, when wearing custom watches, do not participate in extreme sports. A meter-high fall may damage custom watches, and do not expose them to any poles. At the end temperature, this will affect the aging process and function of the watch.

       Simple large dial read more clearly and steadily when mass customization

          The water resistance of customized watches should be treated with caution. The damage caused by water to watches is very serious. In the worst case, rust and expensive cost of repairing the important parts of the movement. Many people misunderstand the waterproof function of customized watches. Usually, the waterproof of of customized watches has a certain limit. Moreover, according to the service life of the watches and the frequency of wearing, Exposure to high temperature and cold, as well as falling and shaking, will impress the waterproof performance of watches. Therefore, watchmaker should test the waterproof performance of watches regularly, preferably once a year.