What are the functions of smart sports watches?

- Apr 26, 2019-

So, what are the functions of smart sports watches? TVG watches will explain to you today!

1. Intelligent Information Reminder

Don't miss important information when running. TVG smart sports watch, smart information reminder function, calls, information, Wechat messages, QQ information and so on, each one is not missed!

2, waterproof

Outward appearance, inside the universe, 50 meters deep waterproof smart sports watch, a smart watch that allows you to experience swimming with a watch.

3. Watch Material

Selected steel quality, enjoy exquisite. Wire-like precision steel pointer, do not miss any details. Motion data is monitored at all times. It has long endurance and OLED display screen.

4. Disassembly strap

The strap can be disassembled to show your personality. The strap supports disassembly and replacement. It is easy to disassemble and replace your favorite strap.

5. Wonderful Functions

1), step by step

2) Carrillo

3) Call reminder (three shocks)

4) Information reminder (shake once)

5) Remote Photography

6) sedentary reminder

7) Sleep monitoring

8) Find a cell phone

9) Touch page turning