What are the functions of running watches

- Apr 25, 2019-

Running watch is a common assistant tool for runners. General professional running watch can show the speed, distance, calorie consumption, stopwatch, wireless heart rate band and other information to help runners grasp their own speed and physical distribution in sports to achieve the best purpose of exercise. Professional intelligent running meters need to input personal weight, age, stride length, gender and other information.

Sports watches mainly include foot watches, GPS watches and heart rate watches. The functions of each kind of watch are different, but no matter which watch has its own crowd, now let's look at the simple introduction and function of sports watches! ___________

Sports watches can be divided into three categories according to the types of motion sensors: pedometer watches, GPS watches and heart rate watches. Of course, there are many kinds of non-professional sports tables. Following is a discussion of the function of a sports watch, such as gait meter, GPS and heart rate.

The motion sensor of a pedometer watch is a 3-D acceleration sensor, which can sense the 3-D acceleration generated by human motion, such as walking and running, so as to record the number of steps per unit time. The speed and distance of the human body are calculated by the input step size, and the calories consumed are calculated by the input weight. Its advantage is that it can be used for outdoor and indoor sports, is not affected by the weather and very energy-saving, and can store several days of movement data.

GPS watches calculate the moving distance per unit time and calculate the moving speed by receiving the satellite position signal WAYPOINT. The accuracy of position signal is determined by the strength of satellite signal and the sampling rate. For example, the accuracy of one second sampling rate is obviously higher than that of 60 seconds sampling rate. But too high sampling rate will lead to excessive battery consumption. Its advantage is that it can record the trajectory of motion and synchronize to the map.

Heart rate watch is used to measure the heart rate of human body by sensing the electrocardiogram of human body. The heart rate of human body varies with different intensity of exercise. In the world, the percentage of heart rate of exercise in the maximum heart rate is divided into light activity: 50-60%, aerobic exercise 60-75%, endurance training 75-85%, and intensity training 85-100%. Choosing different heart rate regions can achieve different training effects.

Of course, the above three basic functions can also be combined with each other, such as heart rate meter, GPS heart rate meter, and many other sports meter combinations. Above are some introductions about sports watches. I hope every friend who loves sports can find his own watch.