What are the functions of military watches?

- Nov 14, 2017-

What are the functions of military watches?

In the field of a waterproof and shockproof chronograph function can not be ignored accurate, interested in the military side more than friends, but basically do not understand the military. In the end what is the secret military? Military or military watch, is assigned by the army for soldiers wear watches. Usually by military units, the rank classification, such as sea air forces may use different military commanders, and equipped with the watch, also may be different from the ordinary soldier.

The army is generally produced exquisite, rough shape, good waterproof capability, and hard metal shell, may also stressed that a country army, but the army, most of the military are not officially adopted.

Function one: distinguish direction

A. is based on the sun at 6 in the morning, at 12 in the south at noon, and at 18 in the west:

1, the current time divided by 2

2. The scale of the results obtained by 1 is aligned with the sun

3, the direction of the scale 3 refers to the East, the direction of the 6 refers to the south, the direction of the 9 refers to the west, and the direction of the 12 refers to the North

For example, 6 in the morning except 2 is equal to 3, the 3 sun results and the above method in conclusion, 12 points in 2 equal to 6, to 6 points at the sun and the above results is the same, the 18 point is in the same way, but this method can only see about the direction, also has a relationship and season, not 100% accurate.

B. usually, the sun is in the east at 6 in the morning, the sun is in the south at 12 noon, and the sun is in the west at 18 p.m.. In the wild, as long as there is a watch, and the sun during the day, the watch can be put in the palm of your hand on the dial watch time after half at the sun dial 12 refers to the north.

For example: when the time is 14 points, you need to find the direction of time is 7 points, half. It should be pointing to the sun with the scale 7 on the dial, and the 12 finger on the dial is the north. In order to accurately, you can use a fine straight needle or branches, erect in the number of half point, slowly turn the clock, the needle through the center of the dial. At this time, the extension direction of the dial center and the 12 scale is the north.

In the evening when there is no sun, you can see the dipper, and the spoon is facing north.

Function two: military unified combat time

1. assume that the army will act in 15 minutes;

2. then start counting the time on the right, that is, unity starts action.

Function three: Waterproof

A watch if the logo has waterproof function but did not specify the exact depth, this watch is called anti water meter, it is intended to refer to this watch only accidentally spilled water attack resistance. Please don't soak this kind of watch in water.

A watch is generally called water depth. This watch is called a waterproof watch, and its waterproof performance is directly proportional to the depth of the water depth.

There are many ways to make your watch water resistant. All the tables can be reached through the water to watch the rear lid anti sealing rubber gasket way. If the rear cover of the watch is screwed, it has better water resistance. The crown of many tables is also screwed, in order to increase the coefficient of water resistance.

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