What are the design characteristics of watches made by custom manufacturers?

- May 15, 2019-

In the long history of watches, many brands have changed from high-specification craft manufacturers to internationally recognized luxury goods. With the development of watchmaking manufacturers, the design of watches is constantly developing. Although modern watches often use polymer materials and highly exquisite aesthetics, and some old watches often have a more purposeful design, the design of watchmaking manufacturers is also developing. What are the characteristics of accounting?

Fashion Ladies'White Mirror Round Table for Comfortable Wearing

Watch customizers use acrylic instead of synthetic sapphire in their mirror designs. Like many watches brands today, acrylic is much softer than sapphire and has a cushioning effect when impacted. Although the quality of acrylic is slightly lower than that of sapphire, it brings a unique sense of retro.

When fashionable simple quartz watches are stable, manufacturers can customize them in batches.jpg

Fashionable and simple quartz watches can be customized in batches

Today's sports watches are also processed with ceramic materials, which is a relatively new development. Nowadays, aluminum has been used to make the shell, and almost every sports watch is made of aluminum. Unlike modern watches, spring rod holes are only partially mounted on the inner side of the lugs, which makes it difficult to replace the straps. Watch customizers adopt more sophisticated and streamlined designs.