What are the benefits of smart watches for children?

- Apr 26, 2019-

As the future of the country and as the fresh blood of the country, it is very important for children to have a good education from an early age. Especially the concept of children, after being established from an early age, it will be very difficult for them to change in the future. For various reasons, most parents will not equip their children with mobile phones, but choose to equip their children with smart watches, so what is the benefit of smart watches for children? The following TVG watchmaker will tell you.

1, positioning

Intelligent watch positioning function is a basic function to protect children's safety. Generally, smart watch will have positioning ability. However, the positioning function is different. The accuracy of positioning is very important. If you choose children's smart watch, you must find the positioning accuracy to within 5 meters. Only when a child sends out a distress signal can he find the child as quickly as possible.

2, waterproof

As we all know, children like to play with water, and often wash their hands, the waterproof ability of smart watches has become a necessary function.

3. Callable

Smart watches are usually equipped with SIM card slots, which can directly contact the wearer. It is convenient and simple, and watches are not like mobile phones. Mobile phones are mounted on the body, because they are not close to the skin. In some noisy environment, they may not feel the vibration of mobile phones. However, because the watch is close to the arm, it can hardly miss the incoming message. Parents can also contact their children at any time. And some smart watches are equipped with anti-shielding function, only the white list can dial the children's phone, no longer the white list users can not dial in.

4. One-click for help

Many watches are equipped with a button for help, SOS button, press and hold for five seconds, automatically notify parents, when there are some emergencies to use, remember in the previous period of time, a foreign child, was stuck in the back seat of his car, because the mobile phone is a little far away from the side, the call phone voice system dialed the alarm phone, but because it is far away, can not. Hear clearly, the rescue did not arrive in time and died. If he was wearing a smart watch at that time, it would never be like this.

Children's smart watches are specially designed and developed according to their children's situation. The first point of view is to ensure the safety of children as the main point, and then equipped with some other functions, so that parents can better guide their children.