What are the advantages of fine imitation watches

- Mar 23, 2019-

Luxury goods have been loved and pursued by many enthusiasts in this era. Watches have become a symbol of successful people, but well-known brands are often expensive. Although domestic brands are cheap, the quality is also retained, after all, one price one goods.

One kind of domestic brand uses Shanghai machine core. Tianjin Machine Core. Pearl core, Hangzhou core is more common. With this kind of machine core, the quality of high imitation watches is similar to that of ordinary watches, and the appearance is not as diversified as high imitation watches. The price is generally one to two hundred higher than high imitation watches. After all, self-owned brands also need other costs.

The basic price of the machine core for the second kind of domestic brand is about 1000. The quality of this kind of watch is still good. Generally, there are few problems, that is, the stability is general. In fact, there is little difference between the quality of Tianjin machine and Pearl machine made in China, but the brand with imported machine core is more attractive.

Three kinds of domestic brands use ETA basic core, the quality of the core needn't be said to be the first brand of Swiss core factory after all, the price is generally around 3000, this kind of watch is still worth buying. If you know well-known brands better, your cousins will find a problem. In fact, most of the national brands imitate well-known brands and just hang their own LOGO. If so, why buy domestic brands? There is no corporate culture. Today's fine imitation watches also use ETA2824 2836 2892 and other machine elements, and more styles than domestic brands, more advantages in price, you can also feel the corporate culture of well-known brands, to meet the small vanity of cousins, win more at one stroke.