What are the advantages of choosing quartz watches?

- Mar 20, 2019-

What are the advantages of choosing quartz watches? Quartz watches occupy the market with absolute advantages. Quartz watches travel more accurately than mechanical watches. Most people also like to wear quartz watches. It has won a large number of fans with many advantages.

What are the advantages of selecting quartz watches

High accuracy and small error

Nowadays, semi-automatic winding of mechanical watches accounts for the majority, which often faces a problem. Because of insufficient movement, watches are not stored enough power, so they stop from time to time. Then there is the total error. The daily error of mechanical watches meets the standard within 30 seconds, but the total error is great, and the annual error of quartz watches is about 2 minutes.

Convenient maintenance

But for quartz watches, their simple structure and convenient maintenance make them popular. This saves them a lot of time. Quartz watches can only be repaired periodically by changing to dry batteries. As long as a trusted clock repair shop and a good quality dry batteries are selected, the life of quartz watches will surely exceed that of mechanical watches.

Great potential for shape design

Without the limitations of mechanical mandrel, quartz mandrel can be made thinner or smaller, which gives more space for watch design.