What are the advantages and disadvantages of skeleton watches?

- Apr 01, 2019-

The advantages of hollow watches are mainly manifested in the visual sense. The part of the watches that block the view is removed completely. Only the structural part is retained, and the more transparent, the better. Wrist watch machine core is already square inch world, and then hollow out, and can not change the shape of parts, it is very difficult to make.

Hollow out watches, people can see how each part of the machine core works, showing the great charm of mechanical clocks and watches, like the rhythm of life! Especially hollow-out technology combined with metal micro-carving technology, it is beautiful.

Skeleton means skeleton in English. This is also the realm that the watchmaker pursues, and let the people who love the watchman want to stop. If we talk about the shortcomings of hollow lists:

1. Excessive transparency allows sunlight to often shine on the wrist watch core, which will aggravate the drying up of lubricating oil, shorten the maintenance cycle and increase maintenance costs.

2. Because hollowing out reduces the firmness of wrist watches, it is not suitable to wear hollow watches in harsh environment, and hollow watches are more suitable for enjoyment and collection.