What are the advantages and disadvantages of ceramic watches

- Apr 23, 2019-

In today's era, watches are not only important accessories to symbolize identity, but also to symbolize the identity of working ladies. Ladies, bring yourself a delicate watch, not only to see the time, but also to enhance the overall temperament of women, especially ceramic watches.

Advantages of Ceramic Ladies Watch:

The advantages of gloss, high hardness, non-rusting and discoloration, non-contamination, and stable chemical properties make ceramic materials a new favorite in the field of surface making. High-tech ceramics are sintered from zirconia-based mineral powders (powders less than 1 micron in diameter) at high temperatures of about 1500 degrees C. Like traditional Chinese ceramics, it has stable physical and chemical properties, waterproof, high temperature, fading and corrosion resistance, and its surface is mild and flawless, which can emit a soft natural luster. Compared with the watches made of stainless steel, the weight of ceramic watches is reduced by about 60% and the hardness of ceramic watches is about 10 times that of stainless steel watches. Moreover, ceramic watches have good rust resistance and heat resistance, high hardness, no wear and tear, no fading and no damage to skin.

Advantages of Ceramic Ladies Watch:

1. Hard as jade, not afraid of scratches, will not wear, will not lose luster.

2. The surface can also shine and shine after fine polishing and polishing, and the traditional materials such as stainless steel can not show pure black and pure white no matter how they are processed.

3. Material such as jade does not hurt the skin and feels smooth and comfortable.

4. Not afraid of water, not afraid of sweat, not afraid of corrosion, never rust.

5. Ceramic watch is the new favorite of watch industry. It has high technology content and can reflect the scientific and technological fashion of the new era.

Maintenance of Ceramic Ladies'Watches:

1. When the ceramic watch strap is dirty due to long-term wear, it only needs to be gently brushed with a small toothbrush dipped in soap.

2. It is better to place desiccant in the place where the watch is placed, but avoid using chemical drugs such as camphor pills and insect repellents.

3. Different watches should be worn in different occasions; for example, it is better to choose sports watches with good waterproof and shock resistance when exercising.

4. Watches marked WATER RESESTENT or 3ATM on the cover indicate that their waterproofing is limited to sprays or drizzle under no pressure.

5. Special reminder: any watch should not be worn in warm water or bathroom, even if your watch is a waterproof watch, because the sealing roll of the watch is rubber heated and easy to aging, and the surrounding water vapor molecules are relatively small, easy to penetrate the case, causing internal mechanical damage.

6. Medium and high-end watches are recommended to be maintained every two to three years. Waterproof components should be replaced. Travel time performance and power consumption of the watches should be tested. Cleaning the watches and maintaining the appearance of the watches can effectively prolong the service life of your watches.

The ceramic lady watch above should let every lady know a lot! If you are a worker, wear a world brand watch, so that you can increase self-confidence in the workplace, improve your temperament, improve your work efficiency, and be a leader in the workplace. If you are not a worker, you can also choose a fashionable watch to match clothes in the brand of ladies'ceramic watches, and be a fashionable person.