What are the 10 reasons for wearing a watch? I don't know. I wear my watch in vain.

- Mar 22, 2019-

What are the 10 reasons for wearing a watch? I don't know. I wear my watch in vain. The main reasons include practicality, taste, attitude and so on. The watch manufacturer Yakang clocks and watches will give you a detailed introduction.

Reason 1: Practical

The essence of a wristwatch is a timemeter, which can read time information, time, etc. So some people wear a watch because of its practical value. Of all the Time-Reading tools, such as mobile phones, computers, alarm clocks and so on, wristwatch is the most convenient. Because it can be buckled on the wrist, small size, easy to carry, and safe. In addition, the practicality of wristwatch is also reflected in that it can be used in any occasion without being rude.

Reason 2: Taste

It is said that men who wear watches have more taste and women who wear watches have more charm. Watches are not only the choice of taste, but also the embodiment of taste. Watches look more stylish than jewelry and other accessories. Different brands, different histories, different designs, different materials, different functions and so on all reflect the different tastes of the wearer. Especially for men, wristwatch is the best diamond, although low-key does not shine, but it is this introverted charm more style and taste.

Reason 3: Attitude

Wearing a watch is an attitude. First, it reflects the wearer's attention to time, time concept, punctuality, more efficient and rigorous work. Second, it reflects the wearer's pursuit of quality life, attaches importance to his image, and is willing to invest in his image. The attitude towards time and life reflects your attitude towards life, which is to grasp time, achieve career, enjoy life, or waste time, idle life and do nothing.

Reason 4: Decoration

Wristwatch was originally born as a woman's ornament. It is a product of practicality and decoration, so it is loved by many people. Many people think that women pay more attention to decoration when they wear watches, so the time reading function of many women's watches has been weakened. Men may pursue the decoration of watches more. Wearing simple wristwatches of literature and art makes you more refined; wearing rough and tough wristwatches makes you more man; wearing elegant and formal makes you more elite. Men can also wear watches for decoration. Watches are men's best ornaments.

Reason 5: Habit

In life, there are many mistakes or bad habits that accompany us all our lives. We can't change them, let alone wear a watch. There is a saying in love: Don't let him know you, but let him get used to you. There is some truth in this sentence. The power of habit is powerful. It's very difficult to break bad habits. For people who are used to wearing watches, good habits need not be changed, but should be maintained.

Reason 6: Get rid of the dependence on mobile phones

Nowadays, people rely too much on mobile phones, and there are too many "bowers". Boys and girls meet and bow their heads to play with mobile phones, students gather and bow their heads to play with mobile phones, family dinner and bow their heads to play with mobile phones. Indeed, mobile phones have brought great convenience to our life, but at the same time, they also create a dependence, which reduces the communication between people. Wear a watch, you can look at the mobile phone less, you can also have less temptation, maybe one day you will find that even if you do not play the mobile phone one day, your life is even more enriched.

Reason 7: Mechanical Charm

This mainly refers to mechanical meters. Men seem to be inherently irresistible to mechanical charm. If possible, men would like to play with a gun and go back to ancient times to be a swordsman. When I was a child, I used to play with remote control cars, dismantle electronic watches, drive sports cars and wear mechanical watches when I grew up. No matter how old a man is, it seems that only toys are getting more and more advanced, but the love of machinery has not changed. The mechanical watch is a small mechanical world. The flywheel, hollow out and three questions all reflect the exquisite mechanical technology and show the beauty of manual machinery.

Reason 8: Emotion

For some people, wristwatch represents an emotion, a kind of sustenance. A good watch can accompany you all your life, accompany you to progress, accompany you to experience storms, accompany you to see the rainbow. Or, watch is a gift from a special person. Seeing a watch is like seeing ta. It reminds you from time to time that it is your emotional sustenance and motivation to move forward. Human beings, from ancient times to the present, like to use things to describe people and think about people. Therefore, wristwatch is sometimes a kind of emotional sustenance.

Reason 9: Commemoration

A wristwatch commemorates a special person, a special event, a special period of time. Human beings are always obsessed with the past and like to recall. For some people, a wristwatch is like those old photos in an album. It is a memorable object and a carrier of memories.

Reason 10: Feelings

Wearing a watch is also a kind of feeling. Luxury stories or legendary experiences are always popular. For example, Omega's lunar watch, Italian military watch brand Penahai, etc. But besides these, it is also a feeling to watch the pointer go around and feel the passage of time quietly. Although in this fast-paced era, such people are becoming fewer and fewer.