What affect the accuracy of the mechanical watch walking

- Jan 23, 2018-

What affect the accuracy of the mechanical watch walking

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the accuracy of travel time is the production of mechanical watch master has been constantly pursuing,Let's analyze several major reasons.

 By magnetic


Mechanical watch many parts are steel components, daily life is susceptible to the impact of the magnetic field, mechanical watch gossamer is very easy to receive the magnetic field to obtain magnetic, inner and outer balance spring because of magnetism adsorption together, With the hairspring oscillation, it can be separated, in the balance spring outer ring between the second and third ring is the easiest ring, to keep going like this, watch at least 2 hours faster at least, the impact Still relatively large.


By collision


Mechanical watch collision is inevitable, when your watch is full of time, we still continue to watch the clockwork, you can hear the Kaka pendulum sound, watch the pendulum which also has a periodic, but this effect is not on the travel time is not allowed to influence , which is not obvious.


The impact of external factors


Speaking of external factors, such as temperature, constantly swinging the watch, give the pointer a inertia and so on. For example, daily exercise, running, playing, before a table like to play mahjong, playing mahjong although the amount of exercise is not, but the opponent's movement is great, to keep the Mo licensing and building brand, of course, watches will be affected , So we watch some of the daily activities of large activities, you can take off the watch before participating

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