Weekly power watch the meaning of existence

- Oct 19, 2017-

Usually the power of more than three days of the table, called the long power watch, but there is no clear terminology, to cover seven days, eight days, ten days, thirty days or even fifty five days power.

In the course of development of the watch, the power problem has always been very important, the invention of automatic movement, is also to keep the watch at all times to keep the power and not frequently on the chain. Early watches, power probably also a day, so every day to the string, and then developed to our familiar 36 hours, 42 hours, 48 hours, until now is very common 72 hours, 80 hours. Power demand growth is because the watch in the role of life has changed, it is used to look at the time of the tool, people wear watches every day, to develop a fixed time on the chain of habits, but also because of technical level Restrictions, so generally only one or two days of power. Today, the watch is a "high-level toys", we no longer need to wear it every day, so long power has become a new demand, I hope that the time is not often wear table, it can still go, otherwise Every time you pick up the time to tune, more trouble. Therefore, the weekly power will become a number of watch factory development of new types of direction