Wearing an exfoliation sauna is completely wrong.

- Mar 14, 2018-

Because no matter how many meters above the water-proof depth, you can't steam the sauna. You may not have any questions about the appearance during the time.
Question, in fact, the movement has been violated. Because the appearance of the watch is made up of materials with different coefficients of expansion, if the watch
When the ambient temperature is greater than or equal to 50 degrees, a pressure difference will occur in the watch. Under the action of air pressure, the air in the watch will
Outside, when the temperature difference is restored, the outside air returns to the table. Steam The temperature in the bathroom is higher than the standard, within the table
The air will run out of the air when the humidity is higher than the standard air. In some cases, water vapor may not appear immediately in the watch, but when it suddenly encounters low temperatures.
The air above the standard will condense on the glass to form water droplets or fog, and the heat of the vapor will accelerate the waterproof glue.
The aging of the ring does not properly protect the movement