Watches oil

- Oct 20, 2017-

We can not watch the movement of the tube soaked in any oil, sealed inside the case, expect it omnipotent, and will not become an expensive paperweight. (Some special diving tables are indeed filled with oil to water repressive, even though we can not when it is paperweight.) It is no coincidence that we have a piece of money on the beginning of this section as the beginning of this section, because the oil in the watchmaking industry The commonly used Swiss watch oil occupies a vital position. Ball Watch has said: "Manufacturers usually mix various oils to improve and improve their lubricity and thickness issues. In considering the thickness of the oil problem, it must be clear that may be used The thickness of the lubricating oil in the low temperature environment of the watch. The mixing of oils is suitable for perfect lubrication in all temperature environments.

The contemporary watch oil is derived from oil and consists of a hydrocarbon chain called paraffin. This is the essential difference between oil and grease, oil molecules have 15 to 20 carbon atoms, and fat molecules contain 20 to 25 carbon atoms. What kind of oil should be used in a part of the watch is a technically strong problem, but the basic principle is that high-speed low-torque parts need to use light lubricants, and low-speed high-torque parts need to use heavy lubrication oil. In short, the former includes the escapement wheel, the escapement wheel pivot and the teeth, while the latter includes the mainspring, the first gear and the second