Daily maintenance of mechanical watches(1)

- Jul 26, 2018-

Daily maintenance of mechanical watches(1)

First:What's the mechanical watch.

What is a mechanical watch, the internal movement parts of the watch are composed of 

mechanical parts, and it is a spring-wound balance watch powered by a clockwork. Usually 

mechanical watches are divided into two categories, one is a common mechanical watch (manually 

wound mechanical watch) and a fully automatic mechanical watch and a semi-automatic mechanical 

watch. Regardless of the kind of mechanical watch, daily maintenance is very important. Good 

maintenance helps the watch's trial life.


Second:Maintenance knowledge of mechanical watches.

    1. Always wipe off the dirt and perspiration on the case with a soft cloth or silk.


    2. The winding of the manual winding mechanical watch should have a fixed time, preferably on the 

foot. It is necessary to turn the crown and turn the crown to the appropriate speed. Do not put it too tight. 

Too tight, the clockwork is easily stuck by the oil in the barrel. When the spring is relaxed, it is easily 

broken due to excessive elasticity.

    3. The watch should not be shaken vigorously. When playing or hitting a hand, it is best to take it off.

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