Watch terminology

- May 07, 2019-

Movement number. Describe the size of the watch, the structure, the manufacturing plant, and so on.

Cal; short for Calibre


Gold purity unit, referred to as K. 1K = 1/24 pure gold, 18K gold contains 18/24 pure gold, which is 75% gold.


Astronomical watch (Astronomical Observatory). Watches that are highly precise and maintain accurate time must pass the test at different angles and temperatures, and obtain an officially issued watch.


Multi-function table. Watches with extra features on the watch, such as chronograph, second time zone, alarm clock, perpetual calendar, three questions, etc.


Crown (faucet). A knob for tightening the spring and adjusting the time.

Daily Rate

Day difference (seconds/day). It is used to indicate the time error after 24 hours from the adjustment time. There are several seconds difference every day depending on the quality of the movement, the location of wearing, and the wearing conditions.

Date Display

The calendar is displayed. The date on the watch dial shows that the mechanical watch is connected via the dial dial and the date is displayed using the calendar dial or date bar.


Differences; error. Depending on the type of watch movement used, the daily difference will be in the range of -5 seconds and +30 seconds.

Divers Watch

Diving watch. Specially designed for deep-sea diving, the watch is usually equipped with a screw-on crown and can withstand 20ATM, which can be submerged to a depth of 200 meters.

Ebauche, Movement Blank

Semi-finished watch movement. It is mainly a semi-finished watch movement that has not yet been equipped with a spring and a balance wheel, also known as a blank watch movement.

Escapement Wheel

Escape wheel. The escape wheel and the pallet form an escapement, and the escape wheel is the last gear of the gear train.


Escapement mechanism. The mechanical structure between the gear train and the balance wheel is arranged, and the escapement regularly transmits the power from the spur gear train to the balance wheel.


ETA SA in Greene, Switzerland is one of the most famous movement manufacturers, and is a SMH-related company. Many Swiss watches use the ETA watch movement.