Watch straps are made of different materials and different maintenance methods.

- Apr 23, 2019-

The new material of wrist watch is a hot topic. The new material is not only reflected in the case or dial, but also in the strap. Ceramics and rubber, for example, are new wristwatch bands. We often say that the maintenance of a wrist watch is very important. Maintenance is not limited to the case. The strap maintenance is equally important, and the strap maintenance methods of different materials are also different.

1. Metal watch strap

Compared with other materials, metal straps are easier to maintain. During wearing, attention should be paid to keeping away from corrosive liquids as far as possible. Vigorous exercise with wrist watch should be avoided, because serious external force or knocking may lead to the breakage of watch band. Daily sweating on the surface of the stain formed with clean water, soft cloth wipe clean. If the strap is worn or the links and functions of the strap joints and buckles are abnormal, please go to the professional maintenance center to inspect and repair it in time.

2. Cortical Tape

If a wrist watch uses a cortical strap, it often gives people a feeling of tall, which is true. The high-grade wrist watch basically uses a cortical strap, but the cortical strap is more difficult to maintain. Contact with sweat or other liquids during wearing the strap can easily lead to "discoloration", "odor" and "deterioration" of the strap, so it is necessary to avoid contact with liquid objects. If you accidentally touch water, please wipe it with a dry towel immediately, then dry it or blow it in warm air to avoid exposure to the sun when it is dry. Advanced cortical straps are recommended for regular maintenance. It is best to have several straps exchanged.

3. Rubber strap

Rubber was first used in high-grade wrist watch straps 20 years ago. Nobody thought highly of its vitality at first. Now this material has become a synonym of "fashion" and is very suitable for sports representatives. Compared with the two material straps mentioned above, rubber watches have unique advantages, waterproof is better for wearing in summer or in high humidity environment. Rubber straps are prone to aging if they are worn too long. If your straps are made of rubber, please replace them in time. Moreover, this kind of material strap is easy to wear dirty, and needs to be cleaned regularly with a small amount of detergent dipped in a soft brush.

4. Ceramic Watchband

Ceramic watchbands generally have good rust resistance and heat resistance. Although their hardness is relatively high, they should be worn daily to avoid rubbing and collision with the body with the same or more hardness. Because long-term wear produces dirt, just dip a small toothbrush in soap and gently scrub it.

In addition to the leather straps, the other three materials mentioned above should prevent dust accumulation. If the watches have dirty marks, please make sure that the watches are waterproof and use a toothbrush for simple scrubbing.