Watch strap material

- Apr 25, 2019-

Choosing a wrist watch should start with details. Watch straps, crowns, pointers, dials, time scales and so on are all parts that deserve our careful selection.

Watch straps are usually matched according to the overall style of the wrist watch, but from the watch strap alone, different material straps will bring different experiences, so there is still something to understand.

Metal straps, metal straps are very strong, long life cycle, not stuffy, not hot, to some extent waterproof. In terms of wearing, if the metal strap does not fit the skin, it will feel uncomfortable when tightened, shake and collide when loosened, and it will not be used to wearing it at first. And the metal material is relatively cool, suitable for summer, winter hands have to be frozen.

Metal straps can be roughly divided into:

Precious metal watchbands, these watchbands are generally luxurious, exquisite workmanship, usually made of platinum, K gold, silver and other precious metal materials, so the price is relatively high, mainly used to configure high-end watches, suitable for certain status of people in more high-end occasions to wear, can reflect a person's status and literacy.

Steel chain watchband, steel chain watchband price is relatively moderate, different prices, workmanship precision and materials are also different, applicable to all grades of watches. 因其相对笨重,常常被用作男士手表的表带。 Of course, there are also steel chains and watchbands specially designed for ladies. The advantage is durability, but the disadvantage is that it is easy to scratch. 316L finish steel is stainless steel, corrosion resistance is very strong, texture is very good. Swiss watches usually use this material to make case, crown and strap.

904L finish steel is a super heat-resistant stainless steel alloy, up to 21% chromium alloy content, so that its corrosion resistance is comparable to precious metal materials.

Leather strap, relatively comfortable to wear, it will become soft because of human body temperature, after the soft will fit your wrist, but it is easier to hot and stuffy, wearing a belt in summer is more painful.

At the same time, your sweat will damage the life of the strap, so the use of leather straps need to pay attention to moisture-proof, anti-sweat corrosion, avoid contact with corrosive substances, etc., maintenance is relatively difficult.

Leather straps can be roughly divided into:

Crocodile leather straps, generally speaking, the common crocodile skin used for straps mainly comes from alligators and caimans. But not all the skin on crocodiles can be made into watchbands. Only soft abdominal leather is suitable.

Crocodile skin patterns are divided into two types - square and round, square from the soft skin on the front of the abdomen, round from the skin on the side of the abdomen. Because a crocodile can only make a few watchbands, it costs a lot.

There are many kinds of cowhide watchband, which can be divided into calf hide, cattle hide, buffalo hide and so on. Among them, calf hide is the most superior one, which is tanned from calf hide within 6 months after birth. It has fine texture and soft handle.

Cattle hide is the most frequently used type, characterized by thicker, flexible foot. As for buffalo hide, the fur is sparse, the surface is rough, in fact very soft, the appearance and feel are very textural, comfortable to wear.

Lambskin strap, lambskin is famous for its delicacy and elasticity. It is very suitable for making a watch strap, and it is soft and comfortable to wear on the wrist. Lambskin has clear texture, strong leather feel, lighter weight and softer texture than other leather.

In addition to these two categories, the straps are of course made of other materials:

Rubber watchband is a kind of rubber watchband formed by room temperature vulcanized silicone rubber (RTV) with different additives. It can be completely unchanged from minus 90 degrees Celsius to minus 300 degrees Celsius.

At the same time, it also has strong water and corrosion resistance, and no bacteria breeding, so it is mostly used for diving, the most important thing is that it can achieve decades of service life.

Ceramic watchband, ceramic watchband smooth and delicate, feel very comfortable. The main component is zirconia, which can obtain good processing performance under certain temperature conditions. After processing, it can be made into watchcase and watchband. It can also be made into various colors by special methods, which is more magnificent and noble.

High-tech ceramics are made of extremely fine zirconia or titanium carbide powders, which are injected into the mould under high pressure and then bonded in a sintering furnace at 1450 degrees Celsius to form ceramic parts that are not easy to wear and tear, and then polished with diamond powder.

Nylon watch strap, light and firm, good fit, and a variety of colors, a lot of selectivity, very suitable for young people to wear, and easy to disassemble. But the disadvantage is that it needs to be dried after launching, and it also needs to be cleaned after using for a long time.

Silk strap watchband, silk strap touch is very soft, in addition, its air permeability, wearing comfort and moisture absorption are very outstanding. The appearance of silk watchband is not only an innovation in the material of watchband, but also a perfect product to express the silky feeling of time.