watch's waterproof

- Jan 12, 2018-

The watch's waterproofing depends on the mirror, the back cover, and the first class waterproof rubber ring to meet the corresponding standards. All WATER meters are stamped with the words "WATER RESISTANT" or "WATER PROOF" on the bottom cover. Waterproof mark watches can only prevent dust, should avoid touching water. 30 meters (3 atmospheres, or 3 atmospheres) can be used for daily washing or use in the rain, that is, water droplets only splash on the surface without any water pressure added to the meter. The 50 meter water meter can be used for swimming and general household chores. The 100-meter water meter can be used for swimming and diving. The aging of the waterproof ring will affect the waterproof performance of the watch, so the waterproof rubber ring and the head (including waterproof ring) should be replaced regularly according to the usage. Quartz watches should be replaced with waterproof elements at the same time to ensure good waterproof performance. No water meter should be used in hot baths, saunas, or in environments with high temperature variations. Because the water-proof rubber ring is affected by the temperature, it will expand and shrink the gap and accelerate the aging process, causing water and water condensation in the table, which will seriously damage the machine parts.