Watch maintenance, you must look at the watch

- Mar 16, 2019-

Time seems to have a magic power for human beings. For thousands of years, people have never tried to stop mastering it and owning its footsteps. Therefore, wristwatch exists. And for the maintenance of wrist watch, it is also very important.

After a year of wear, metal case will inevitably appear scratches, and soft material of gold, rose gold is easier to recruit.

If your wristwatch is scratched, it is recommended that you ask a professional to check the state of the wristwatch and decide whether it is suitable for polishing. Of course, in the daily use of the following maintenance rules, but also to the greatest extent to avoid scratching:

1. When wearing for the first time, adjust the length of the watch chain to the most comfortable state to minimize the wear of the metal strap;

2. Avoid collision with hard objects or collect with other metal ornaments in the process of wearing.

3. if it is a precious metal watch, try to avoid contact with chemicals, such as perfume, hair gel, etc., so as not to cause chemical reactions to make the metal surface lose its luster. At the same time, it is best to wipe with soft cloth every week.

According to the different material of the strap, the methods of daily cleaning nursing are also slightly different.

Leather straps are soft and comfortable, but they are more susceptible to sweat and dust erosion. If the phenomenon of blackening and cracking occurs, it is recommended that you replace the straps in time. Metal chains mainly keep the gap clean and tidy, and try to avoid scratching.

Leather strap:

1. Keep the strap dry. Do not wear it after exercise or when sweating heavily. Keep it in a cool and ventilated place when not in use.

2. The dermis material is easy to deform, so try not to bend or pull when wearing it.

3. If the leather strap turns black and cracks, please replace the strap in time.

Metal strap:

1. If you need to clean, you can use a soft brush dipped in a small amount of water to clean carefully and dry with a soft cloth. When cleaning, be sure to avoid the case part, so as not to damp the machine core into water;

2. Open and close the strap slowly to avoid failure;

Generally speaking, the daily average error of mechanical watches ranges from - 15 seconds to + 30 seconds, and the daily average error of watches certified by the Swiss Observatory ranges from - 4 seconds to + 6 seconds. If it is beyond this range, we suggest that you check it further.

1. Intake, impact and other man-made reasons will lead to inaccurate watches. It is recommended that you go to the after-sales service center immediately after meeting the above situation.

2. Insufficient motivation. Whether it's an automatic or manual watch, it needs to be strung regularly every day in order to maintain sufficient power to walk accurately. Even if you don't wear it for a long time, you should remember to wind it 1-2 times a month.

3. The wrist watch is magnetized. The magnetic field environment, including handbag magnetic buckle, computer loudspeaker, refrigerator door magnetic strip and so on, will affect the travel time accuracy of the mechanical meter. When wearing the watch, please stay away as far as possible.

Once the quartz wristwatch slows down or even stops running, we should first consider whether we need to replace the battery. Generally speaking, most of the batteries in quartz watches can be used continuously for more than 24 months. After that, the power of the batteries will suddenly drop and the wristwatch will stop running.

If your battery has the E.O.L. function (battery life display), when the battery is about to run out, the second hand will only beat once every four seconds. When the above symptoms appear on the wrist watch, please go to the official authorized service center of Longqin Watch to replace the battery as soon as possible, otherwise it may cause battery leakage and damage the machine core.

Day and night pass by each other

Clearly feel the change of time

But it's hard to describe what time is.

We can't grasp the lost time.

But when we wear watches

It uses pointers and numbers to give us a real sense of time.

Cherish now every hour and second