Watch Maintenance Knowledge Removal of Watch Scratches

- Mar 19, 2019-

Watch wear more everyday, there will inevitably be varying degrees of wear and scratches, if there are scratches on the watch is not beautiful, and watches are also divided into different materials, then, how do we deal with it? Let the wristwatch home to introduce to you the method of removing wristwatch scratches.

If there are deep scratches, it is important to first polish the parts with oil stones. This needs to be done under a magnifying glass. The purpose is to grind the scratches evenly. When the scratches are basically grinded and smoothed, choose sandpaper with appropriate size and grind along the original grinding lines. Usually, the lines are radial with the center of the dial. Therefore, this is a careful work, it needs a little to grind out the effect will be better.

All the scratches on the watch case and band can be operated by this method if you want to remove them or make an innovative cosmetology for the watch appearance. Linear shape of the lines is easier to handle, assuming that the lines are concentric circles, it should still use electric machinery to do.

Local deep scratches on the case or strap need to be treated locally before repairing. Look at the location, such as the side of the case, or even fine small files may be used, more oil stones, and then under the magnifying glass, boring the deeper scratches carefully.

It's not difficult to dress the scratches on the surface of the shell watchband with sandpaper by oneself, as long as you are careful and steady, you can do it well. But regarding the surface polishing process, it is necessary to use the cloth wheel polishing machine. It is suggested that we send it to the brand after-sales or other watches maintenance agencies for professional treatment.