Watch Knowledge-Chapter 6,The influence of gravity on the walking time precision of watch is mainly in the following aspects

- Oct 11, 2017-

Chapter 6

The influence of gravity on the walking time precision of watch is mainly in the following aspects

1, spring balance system imbalance, namely the axis line of gravity of this system and pendulum does not coincide with the phenomenon.

Usually the quality balance spring system most concentrated in the wheel itself, and the thickness and diameter of the wheel compared to many small, so the spring balance system imbalance, also is the center of gravity deviation will occur in the symmetric plane wheel thickness. The system will affect the balance of the eccentric swing cycle directly, increasing cycle, watch will slow; on the other hand, that cycle is reduced, watch will become faster. On the difference through the static and dynamic balance method as the eccentricity wheel is reduced to a minimum, this is the cycle of the most direct and effective way to reduce the unbalanced system. However, people can not create the ideal balance absolutely no eccentricity.

2, spring fixed point gravity effect, namely the influence of gravity cycle hairspring.

The gossamer keep Archimedes spiral in shape and not shrink exhibition, the movement will focus in the spring on the track changes very complex. When the horizontal axis, the additional torque exerted on the pendulum shaft center hairspring directly superimposed on the gossamer moment. Because of the additional moment due to the gravity of the pendulum shaft is nonlinear, so it will make the system produce isochronous error.

3, the swing amplitude variation of horizontal and vertical position transformation.

The pendulum shaft is positioned vertically to pivot end and bearing contact, and in the horizontal, the outer circle of the bearing contact shaft neck. The friction torque of the former than the latter, which will cause the vertical position of the balance wheel amplitude than the horizontal high. Because any one balance spring there are some other time, amplitude variation results, will cause a corresponding change cycle.

4, escapement escapement and fork shaft and bearings are axial or radial gap.

When the vertical position, and end bearing contact shaft neck produced axial clearance when the horizontal contact, outer circle and shaft neck produced radial clearance, resulting in the working state of the escapement mechanism change, produce bit difference.

Influence of the 5 speed, needle clamp and spring clearance of cycle.

The common fast and slow needle system adjusts the speed by poking the fast and slow needle. Due to the shifting speed when the needle, and spring clip is not stuck, to have a certain gap between the hairspring and clip. When the watch is in a different position, the speed of the needle clamp spring in position for a gap and the change makes the gossamer actual working length changes, resulting in poor bit.

Some of these factors, three factors which have poor balance spring system imbalances, hairspring fixed point gravity and pendulum shaft transform flat vertical amplitude when the change of position. The first two factors can improve the balance spring system and reduce the isochronous difference, the third factors can be reduced by the difference between the horizontal and vertical position of the pendulum shaft energy consumption system to reduce the difference of balance spring to. However, people can not completely guarantee the center of gravity and balance the hairspring balance wheel and constant eccentricity control gossamer technically there is a limit, it is difficult to solve these problems by traditional methods.

Thus, masters Breguet Tourbillon proposed technology, this technology can solve the problem of vertical difference of watches from the working principle, it will balance wheel escapement system and placed in the rotating frame, in its operation at the same time also can do a 360 degree rotation, can effectively compensate the effect of gravity and balance wheel hairspring eccentric motion, gossamer azimuth angle of the position error, minimizing the error due to watch position caused by the gravity of the earth.