Watch Knowledge-Chapter 5,Watch prices surge Zaixi with precious metal appreciation, positioning is the main reason

- Oct 11, 2017-

Chapter 5,Watch prices surge Zaixi with precious metal appreciation, positioning is the main reason

Appreciation of key words - precious metals, in fact, the appreciation of precious metals is the most obvious reason for watch price adjustment, and "gold price rise" is a sign of the prosperity of the international watch market". For Rolex, "Oyster style" shape design and precious metals have always been its logo. The Rolex oyster perpetual DATEJUST watches, with gold and steel material, the outer ring with 46 diamonds, and dial with 10 shiny diamond instead of scale. It exudes a self-evident extravagance. In addition to its material value, this watch is also losing Rolex technology value consistent with Hengdong, Pretoria two-way automatic chain and waterproof system.

Because of the double effects of luxury and brand, in fact, no matter what causes, the phenomenon of watches' price increase can not be separated from the double effects of "luxury goods" and "brand". A watch, that is, a period of history, this is a lot of watch brand repeatedly stressed, and constantly digging tabulation history, it is to consolidate and deepen the brand effect. At the same time, compared to the leather goods and clothing, handmade, Art beats nature. watch, has become a luxury reason. Some people once commented: "Swiss watches are made of grinding, chamfering, exquisite craft, but more importantly, they set the rules for watches as luxuries.". Swiss watchmaker can patiently spend more than 2000 hours, patiently polishing hundreds of parts on a wrist watch. In this, the meaning of luxury is self-evident.

In Asia, luxury has long formed a complete social identity system, and Asians are divided into social classes for themselves and others by wearing them. Therefore, the entire Asian luxury market is still heating up, as early as Rolex before the price adjustment, Chanel, Louis, Vuitton and other famous luxury brands have been adjusted prices. The Economist magazine once pointed out: "in China's new round of luxury consumption movement, watches are undoubtedly the most expensive high-end luxury products."." According to the latest data released by the Swiss watch Federation, Swiss watch exports grew by 40.1% in real terms in May, to 1 billion 640 million Swiss francs, almost every market in the world. China, Hongkong, the United States and Mainland China ranked the top three in the Swiss watch export market. Data show that in May, the Chinese mainland to import Swiss watches up to 130 million Swiss francs. In China, buying high-end watches can lead to the best shopping experience, and the pleasure of such watches can not even be found in the kingdom of clocks, switzerland.