Watch Knowledge-Chapter 5, The common knowledge of watch

- Oct 11, 2017-

Chapter 5, The common knowledge of watch

Whether buyers or watch collectors, because the fake watches on the market today dragons and fishes jumbled together to master certain knowledge, watches are necessary, thus, the following our editor, from the appearance, movement, annex three elements elaborated, hoping to help you:

I. The appearance of an article is generally referred to as a watch part that can be directly observed by the consumer. This range includes (watch case, watchband, plating, glass, typeface, diamond, pointer, stamp, first class).

Watch watchcase generally have stainless steel, K gold, K platinum, platinum, these materials give people the feeling is to fall, so the feeling is one of the methods, some using titanium, plastic, steel, tungsten steel, copper and other semi heterogeneous material case, game player knows that these are more low brand watches, really is not used. K gold and platinum shell is the real name of the living card, the use of the heavy feeling that people fondle admiringly, of course, the price is also a steel case multiples. Fake watches are generally made of electroplated gold and two commonly known as "Hong Kong container". The most easy to identify electroplating, color slants shallow and deep, no precious metal should be the color, and even with cloth can be wiped out, revealing the true face of Mount Lu. "Port of loading shell" is generally the most difficult to identify, it is lower than the original purity compared to light weight, for a year or so it is easy to wear, usually to see mark recognition, this point in the following imprints.

A watch band is an integral part of a watch (except for a pocket watch), usually divided into two major categories: metal and leather. The metal is divided into stainless steel and precious metals, we all know that Rolex's reputation, it uses 904 levels of stainless steel is famous in the world, other nations, Tudor, OMEGA, Lange and other watches are used in some high grade steel, in order to ensure the brand superiority, has the corrosion resistance, oxidation resistance, wear resistance, hardness the characteristics, contrary to some fake and shoddy products, soft hand, some distortion can be strong. Precious metals and precious metals as watchcase watchband, the false method and identification method of the same.

Watch watchband electroplating generally appear before the middle of the 90s, the late K of the Jin dynasty. As a typical Tudor table, its early gold watchband is electroplating, although it is the quality of electroplating products, as well as new, so twenty or thirty years to maintain a few, mostly because of friction and fade, factory of the technology in the state of nature is also a hundred gleaming. The electroplating of imitation products is like a flash in the pan, but the oxidation disappears.

There are two kinds of colloid and crystal glass, table mirror is an early age glial products, so the general can glue mirror to judge the watch in 90s after a few years, then, now of course some vintage watches are still in use. The advantages and disadvantages of these two materials are also prominent. The gel mirror is easy to draw flowers. This is a headache to many players. The crystal mirror is not easy to be scratched, but it is fragile. Counterfeit products also use crystal glass, the same will not be zoned flowers, but generally more thick than the original glass, calendar magnifying hand to touch the edge, there is a sharp sense of cutting hand, the original glass is not.

A lot of game player most valued watches literally, which of course has its reason, the human eye is most directly covered is literal, followed by the watchband and watchcase, so there is a table at the semi literal, literal is the most difficult imitation is the most difficult to identify the original literal text ink and full of luster, imitation and write the literal without these features, this needs to be carefully observed with a magnifying glass, usually can find the problem.

The diamond on watch made with is not only the value of the upgrade, it is the art of sublimation, diamond and time perfect interpretation is to let people have a special liking to jewelry hand expressions, many of the top brands such as Cartire, Piaget, Chopin and other more make a fuss. Diamond watches mainly exist whether the original stone or after adding stone on these two issues. We all know that the stars of Rolex, but many experts are at a distance, the reason is this table by the common port of loading 18K gold shell and 18 karat gold watchband with original movement assembly, but even the original shell and the watchband, there is another way of organs in the ambush, accidentally tears this is after the stone. After adding stone, is in the original diamond - free table but appeared diamonds. This kind of false identification is especially profound, and some are almost to the point of being genuine. There are two ways: first, look at the inlay, and literally add the stone to the base and literally there is a gap. The two is to see the diamond bracket on the bracket, and the stone claw is rough, dull, diamonds have a gap in the bracket inside, above the original No. The identification of the watch and strap after the addition of stone is generally referred to the upper technique.

Pointer is relatively simple, under the magnifying glass on the pointer luminous powder can tell you the answer, the original luminous powder uniform glossy, false table pointer, luminous powder rough, porous.

The identification mark of the precious metal is a course all the experts must learn, that Mr. Wang Jinlong is a great master in Taiwan, not to mention his watch, "art" a book is leading many knowledge into the hall after the clock. There are many kinds of mark, the Queen's head and head of the early common mark after 95 years, fake precious metal case and watchband most easily in mark imitation louchumajiao, such as the Queen's head mark imitation under a magnifying glass and genuine work can be found simple compared with the nose hair has no eyes, no sense of hierarchy just head, a lot of contour, of course because of some reasons such as grinding table because there will be different, which requires a different combination of factors to determine, see more slowly, there will be more learning experience, in short, will not be deceived. It is recommended to refer to Mr. Wang Jinlong's art of clocks and watches, which is full of detailed pictures and illustrations. It is an essential tool book for every fan.

Table the general problem is less, and the original trademark is compared is not fine, oyster case table to screw thread original smoothly without resistance, counterfeit products with easy to fall off, the original use of counterfeit products is more than 18 K, 14K or less ingredients.

Two: the movement of innumerable identification watch movement, many watches are using ETA movement, like Longines, OMEGA, Cartire, Tudor, the large family in 2824, 2892, 7750 are using more than the factory, the same is ETA2824 and the price difference of Tudor Yingnage several times, saying the same movement watch, will upgrade in the key technology of grinding and so on. Rolex's fake watches are everywhere now. If someone tells you that Rolex is using ETA, you can bet it's a fake. Many top watches with their own exclusive movement, the famous Rolex 3135, OMEGA has 561, Patek Philippe 215 and so on, from the appearance of functional characteristics of Jaeger Le Coulter, Audemars Pigeut's flip table strike, Langer's large calendar window, Vacheron Constantin, Breguet blue steel hollow pointer, jewelry can be revealed the famous factory born with students' noble temperament, these are fake and shoddy products never copied. The fake watches on the market are mostly made of plain, inexpensive rhodium plated ETA, and cheaper CITIZEN and Oriental movement, with rough processing and disordered beats. The expert can know the authenticity of the movement by shaking the sound of the automatic Tuo and transferring the pointer.

Three: accessories, original watches on the certificate, usually with flow number and watch model, dealer name, date of sale and other information, consumers can accordingly know the origin of watches. Yes, and the warranty card, too. False information is generally above the table fabrications, certificate printing text is fuzzy, consumers can easily find the disadvantage.