Watch knowledge-Chapter 1 Watch types and their commonly used terms

- Oct 11, 2017-

Watch types and their commonly used terms

Mechanical watches, mechanical watches mainly consists of the following parts:

(1) the power mechanism, that is, the mainspring and the upper mechanism;

(2) drive gear train;

(3) the regulating mechanism, namely the escapement wheel and components.

(4) pointer and timing mechanism.

It includes two kinds of manual upper bar mechanical table and automatic upper bar mechanical watch. Clockwork is the power of a mechanical watch. The manual mechanical watch is driven by a hand to rotate the crown of the table to push the upper device and tighten the spring. The automatic mechanical watch is driven by the natural swing of the wrist while wearing, and the automatic winding mechanism is used to tighten the spring.

Quartz watches include indicators, digital and hybrid. Clock function is achieved by battery, power, and quartz oscillations. The indicator type quartz watch is the battery power to vibrate the quartz, and uses the IC board to control the stepping motor so as to drive the gear train and the rotating pointer to run. Digital quartz watch uses LCD to display time.

A chronometer of high precision and precision. Watches that have been tested at different angles and temperatures and received official certificates.

Multi function meter watch additional function watch, for example: chronograph, alarm clock, calendar, second + three, q... Et al.

Large complex table has at least three Q, calendar time and chronograph (double rattrapante), even complex table Tourbillon of these functions.

Table three originally called table points to ask. By striking the timing spring, the time, the minute and the minute are indicated according to the requirements.

Chronograph timing function (timing, stop and return to zero function) watch or pocket watch.

A mechanical watch on which music sounds can be produced at full points as required. There are two kinds of movement structure, dish type and roller type.

Waterproof watch, watch with waterproof device, including watchcase, watch, watch and so on, have waterproof and dustproof function, and can specify the depth of water to keep waterproof function, this function needs regular inspection.

Jump table (or Cyclops) with a marked 1 to 12 digit digital disc instead of clockwise, digital disk per hour to jump ahead of a lattice, which is an hour the corresponding transformation of a number, there is a small window on the surface of the disk, used to display the number of hours.

Antimagnetic watches will not be affected by magnetic fields, because of the balance wheel hairspring spring is made of non-magnetic alloy with nickel and.

The diving watch is a specially designed watch for deep-sea diving. It is usually equipped with a tight watch crown and can withstand 20ATM. It can dive to a depth of 200 meters.

Tourbillon is the structure of rotating escapement governor in mechanical clock. The most important feature is the accuracy of the walking of the long watch machine without the influence of gravity. The escapement in addition to all functions with the general mechanical watch escapement in the outside, but also around an axis, constantly rotate 360 degrees, thereby fine-tuning the system position error in different directions by walking to gravity to get compensation.

Rhodium plated rhodium is silver white precious metal and is expensive. Rhodium plating process is complex and requires high technology. Rhodium plating can form a hard, wear-resistant and bright surface, and the corrosion resistance and chemical stability are greatly improved, so that the reliability and service life of the product can be improved.

The Geneva imprint "Geneva stamp" was enacted by the Legislative Council in December 6, 1886. In 1975, the manufacturing code was updated and 11 codes were established. In December 22, 1994, the Geneva stamp code underwent the latest amendment and became the 12 item. Each table is submitted voluntarily, in accordance with the rules of the table, on the machine marked on behalf of the Geneva Emblem - "Eagle and spoon" logo.

The Geneva fringe in rhodium plating before, will expose the movement in strip and Bridge carved by decorative parallel corrugated elegant, Geneva lines. Usually, advanced forms are available.

The moon moon phase watch function through the drive wheel rotational movement of the moon phase (Moon disk), to show the moon changes through the surface of the disc on the semicircular windows (for example: new moon, the moon and the full moon). The correct time for a lunar month (lunation) is 29 days, 12 hours, 44 minutes and 3 seconds. The disc surface rendering two opposite the moon, the edge has 59 teeth, 59 days running in a circle, which is the two lunar month.

Greenwich mean time (GMT) GMT is Greenwich Mean Time abbreviation. GMT is also called Greenwich meridian time (Universal, Time, or UT). Greenwich, the site of the British Observatory, is the starting point of the longitude of the world.