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- Jul 18, 2017-

It's much more complicated to imagine a man's watch, even though it's an ordinary man's watch, which covers more than 100 parts of large and small, assembled with high-end instruments through sophisticated assembly, and then But also through the QC multi-channel detection process to ensure that the watch can be long-term precision operation to ensure that the watch has a rated compression capacity and waterproof performance, only through the round after round of detection of products to enter the market circulation.

Watch factory and the surrounding industry chain has a close strategic cooperation, product parts supply uninterrupted, greatly reducing the watch production and shipping cycle, the use of technology and logistics advantages to customers to create gold time to market, to maximize the value of market profits. Shenzhen watch factory service and price advantage is at a glance, and its high-end design talent in the product innovation to explore, to create the most unique domestic watch products.

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